Health & well-being

Healthy children, healthy lives

Good food, a healthy environment and plenty of physical activity are key to your toddler's growth and development. The early years of childhood  – from birth to age 5 – are critical for developing healthy behaviours.

All Little GEMS nurseries and pre-schools have a clear programme of:

  • sanitised entry to school
  • healthy eating 
  • physical activity
  • talking with parents about healthy choices at home and at school
  • support local, state and national initiatives that support healthy eating and movement

Children being children, there will of course be times when something goes wrong. From feeling unwell to an emergency, you can rest assured that our staff are well trained to handle any event. Your child's wellbeing comes first.

  • Trained nurses on campus
  • Trained staff in first-aid and child safety
  • Documented and practised emergency procedure